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Accessibility is key to the future of the visitor economy.

A growing number of travellers with access needs are looking for information, accessible experiences and innovative products. And they can't find them.

They’ve high expectations and like us – they’re disabled yet evermore active.

About Us

We exist to make visitor experiences equitable and exciting.

Through advice, advocacy and creative work for tourism and the visitor economy, we make sure access brings people together.

We’re qualified Access Consultants, award-winning creatives, and we live with disability.

Our aim is to be a world-class partner in access and access information for the visitor economy.

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Design and Communications

Using visual design, video, photography, maps, audio and diagrams we provide real and lasting value to visitors - offering information, inspiration and the resources to make customers ‘visit-confident’.

Advocacy and Awareness, Training and Insights

We provide expert commentary and insights into the philosophy and advantages of access and universal design in the visitor economy. Understand the opportunities, the audience needs and execution styles.

Access Consulting and Design Services

We help you explore access in the physical environment, providing advice on how your products can be made accessible to all. A qualified Access Consultant will explore the opportunities of universal design and compliance with Australian Standards (AS1428) in relation to your unique tourism offering.

Our Work

Information is the #1 need for visitors with access needs. It's often the deciding factor.

We deliver the inspiration that drives desire, the details that drive visits and the knowledge that makes it all possible.

Working with stakeholders, we find unique opportunities that open destinations to new, loyal customers.

See our work for Parks Victoria

*94% of people planning a trip with access needs say access information is important, but only 1 in 3 can find it easily. Access Information Research, Visit Britain, 2012

Accessible Tourism

‘Accessible Tourism’, ‘Inclusive Tourism’, ‘Barrier-free Travel’, whatever you like to call it, it’s growing by 22% per year*.

Accessible Tourism enables equality, dignity and independence in tourism experiences. Accomodation, transport, tours, dining, retail, resorts, conferences, all should be accessible and inclusive.

Across the world, tourism bodies are increasingly recognising the growing need and as social requirement. To us, it’s ensuring destinations are open and welcoming to everyone.

* Denise Broadey, writing in Forbes Magazine, 2020


of visitors say they're ‘a lot more likely to choose the destination offering the best information’

Access Information Research, Visit England, 2012


of boomers will be retiring with some form of disability

Open Doors Organization, 2020


The overall tourism expenditure of people with disability in Australia

Accessible Tourism in Victoria and Queensland,
Tourism Research Australia, National Visitor Survey, 2018.

Freewheel Weekends

Our playground and passion project.

We go underground in the Valley of the Kings, across the ocean in the Bay Of Islands, along the coast in Tel Aviv and underwater in Beaumaris.

Plus, there’s a select directory of places to visit in our home-town of Melbourne.

Visit Freewheel Weekends

Our Agenda

For too long we’ve seen our community locked out of great travel experiences. We want to fix that.

We’re a purpose-driven company run by people with disabilities.

Talent, heart and ambition are our pillars – equality, independence and innovation are our goals.